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Science and Law in the Pentateuch

Law is explicit or implicit on nearly every page of the Pentateuch.  When the God of Genesis takes his lawful rest on the Sabbath, the creation stands in orderly distinction to the darkness and watery chaos from which it was called forth.  Discrete regular phenomena in the natural realm are the reflection of a moral […]

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Public Speaking

Knowing who you are is important, but in many situations it is also important to be able to express yourself in a way that communicates publicly.  Delivery, in speaking before an audience, is the process of being who you are while everybody is watching.  In fact, we often find out who we are in situations that […]

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A Better Grade of Prisoner

When things have gotten badly out of hand, humor is sometimes a relief.  Carl Grant is a comedian who, in one of his routines, tells a story about Lester Maddox, Governor of Georgia circa 1970.  Commenting on prison riots in his state, Maddox is supposed to have said, “I don’t think that we’re gonna see much improvement in […]

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Do you remember when we were really humming?

I found this on an old CD, from an era long ago–Episcopalians and The Decade of Evangelism. Since this has been declared the decade of evangelism, it seems only right to parody some of the ways not to do evangelism in the Episcopal Church.  The revivalist tradition that has evolved on American soil is rich in […]


An Incarnational Theology of Aesthetics

Racehorses and Rattlesnakes Any good musical performance can make us listen more intently. When Placido Domingo sings—or Bob Dylan—the mind stops wasting time. We listen. Something about what they do concentrates awareness. This is a difficult state to attain in the multitasking environment in which we daily grind out our lives. Domingo and Dylan are […]

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