The Resurrection as Revolution

The Resurrection of the Son of God; Christian Origins and the Question of God by N. T. Wright Wright’s approach to the innumerable questions about the resurrection is through the historical and cultural setting in which the claim was made. His book makes the strongest arguments I’ve read that the resurrection was historical and not […]

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A Better Grade of Prisoner

When things have gotten badly out of hand, humor is sometimes a relief.  Carl Grant is a comedian who, in one of his routines, tells a story about Lester Maddox, Governor of Georgia circa 1970.  Commenting on prison riots in his state, Maddox is supposed to have said, “I don’t think that we’re gonna see much improvement in […]

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Do you remember when we were really humming?

I found this on an old CD, from an era long ago–Episcopalians and The Decade of Evangelism. Since this has been declared the decade of evangelism, it seems only right to parody some of the ways not to do evangelism in the Episcopal Church.  The revivalist tradition that has evolved on American soil is rich in […]


The Monster of Perugia; the Framing of Amanda Knox

Last night my wife and I attended a gathering of writers who are presumably trying to improve their craft by engaging with other writers.  The featured reader of the evening was an infuriating author of a book about Amanda Knox, the girl who went to Italy for a year to study and is now in […]

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The Sara F. Wells Jones Religious Arts Society Sara Jones was probably the most religious person I have ever known. Born the daughter of a sharecropper, she attended Boston University in the 1920s, where she argued eschatology with learned men of an era that brooked little dissent from women, much less black women whose speech betrayed the rural South. Sara argued with […]

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The Scandal of the Gospels: Jesus, Story, and Offense

The Scandal of the Gospels: Jesus, Story, and Offense by David McCracken Michael Dodaro Reprinted from First Things; Journal of Religion and Public Life Even occasional readers of the Gospels notice that Jesus offends or astonishes most of the other characters who inhabit these ancient narrative landscapes. To those with vested interests in the political […]

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To Julia

By Robert Herrick. 1591–1674 Musical setting by Roger Quilter audio track: The Bracelet Why I tie about thy wrist, Julia, this silken twist; For what other reason is ‘t But to show thee how, in part, Thou my pretty captive art? But thy bond-slave is my heart: ‘Tis but silk that bindeth thee, Knap […]